BMI Registered #1050359


Growing up in the Baptist Church, music was always a part of Shelby’s childhood.  (How many children do you know who took singing lessons in the “FaSoLa” style of Appalachian music?!?)  She began formal piano training at age 10, subsequently performing and accompanying other singers.  A long-time member of the church’s youth and adult choir, Shelby also directed/accompanied the children’s choir, played for bible school, pageants, and church programs.  During high school, she accompanied the school choir, played for programs & events, and ceremonies.

She studied trombone for 7 years, winning a music scholarship to The University of Tennessee/Chattanooga for her musical talent.  She dreamt of becoming a performance major – but fate cast its die in a different direction.

After pursing a technical career and raising her two sons, Shelby resumed her music in 2004.  It was then she discovered that her performance skills had been replaced by the ability to compose.  Since then, she has written words and orchestrated lyrics for dozens of songs, in the genres of sacred, choral, Americana, country, pop, jazz, blues, and New Age.

It is with this newly-received gift that Shelby finds joy and shares her music through the voices and instruments of others.