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Shelby Fuller Elwood

Shelby Fuller Elwood is the “Cobra” half of COBRAiney ~ an avid writer since elementary school in Alabama, and a natural musician since her first piano lesson at age 10. She studied Journalism at Northeast AL State College, Business at Jacksonville State University, and Theology at The University of the South.

In 2000, Shelby co-founded Panache Productions in Chattanooga, TN, learned camera and editing, and began capturing stories on film. A host of satisfied and repeat clients includes: Chattanooga Ballet, Chattanooga Boys Choir, Hamilton County Department of Education, Chattanooga Girls Choir, and The Chattanooga Times-Free Press.

Moving to Memphis, TN in 2006, she founded Cobrainey Media Partners with the intent of developing and producing her own artistic content,–both visually and audibly. As the company has grown and partnered, Cobrainey Media Partners now develops film and music projects with others artists in the capacity of producer, manager, director, designer.

Shelby says in my media/entertainment experience, writing is the most personal, directing is the most ‘fun’, and producing is the most rewarding. Always enhancing my slate; always hustling ~ it’s the business of “The Business”!

She continues after a rewarding career as a Nuclear Power Consultant, I studied camera & editing and began creating industrials, commercials, interstitials, & event videography. It felt like a natural evolution to move into narrative writing: documentaries, short films, plays, music videos, then scoring & set design, eventually “A-to-Z” filmmaking.
At some point, Producer was the logical step, and the one with which I most closely identify.

Dr. Bill Rainey

Dr. Bill Rainey, the ‘brainey’ half of the duo, is a left-brained Optometrist who manages patients, area optometrists, and the daily flotsam and jetsam of his job. He’s a long time sports aficionado who feels right at home in The Valley of the Sun.

Bill majored in Psychology at The University of Dayton, earned his doctorate from The Ohio State University, and a master’s degree from Indiana University.

He’s a patron of the arts, and is actively involved in the planning and production of Cobrainey’s projects. His business and administrative savvy is the perfect temper and reality check for the myriad of opportunities pursued by the company.


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